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  1. Ena! Essa aí! Tão ácida! E logo ao lado – sim, em ‘The Driffters’ do mesmo James Michener – e também citada por ele… logo aquela outra… ‘A paz é preferível à guerra… porque na paz os filhos enterram os pais; enquanto na guerra são os pais que enterram os filhos’ … pronto… esta já não refere acidez nenhuma, pois não?… Bom… e se calhar esta teve um ‘Blow up’ qualquer por via…

  2. «You claim to be anti-government but use government tactics when it suits your political advocacy. SAD again!»…Hmmm, speaking of sad, sadly here’s another shinning example of someone not quite getting it…How about a cogent, coherent, and logical description of just what’s bugging you?

  3. I have seen Survive Style 5, it’s one of my favorites.Is it your favorite, as in favorite movie of all time? hahaIt’s very funny, and the set design is great.I really love Tadanobu Asano’s character’s house. I want to live there.

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  5. Jag önskar dig (och alla fototrissare) en underbart härlig jul och ett gott nytt år!Jag tycker fototrissen är kanonbra som den är men skulle gärna se att temat "gissa temat" kommer flera gånger, det var spännande, både att få till en egen och att klura på andras.Kram Anki

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  8. Hola!! Estoy en la misma situación de Liliana, para las dos elecciones no me voy a encontrar en el país.Se que debo ir al consulado para pedir el certificado y que conviene guardar los pasajes.Mi pregunta es referida al trámite acá en Córdoba, debo dirigirme a esa dirección y ¿en que horario reciben a los apellidos con f? ¿es pago el trámite? ¿lleva mucho tiempo o es en el acto? Muchas gracias!!Y respondió el 27 de julio de 2011 a las 22:07:Aurelia: Son dos direcciones. Es gratis. Debiera ser breve, ignoro cuánto lleva.

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  10. May15Tricia I was just happy to see motherhood on the cover of Time! And breastfeeding! I’ll take it however I can get it. But I LOVE that you are going deeper and further. Because the media does throw us moms bones from time to time. You raise all the best questions about the policies that might truly support us.

  11. For anyone interested in the economical aspects of this, has a long article , which goes more into detail of what exactly made it a socialist regime. Key to this was the fact that effective ownership of the industries had been transferred to the State, with the original holders only nominally in control of their property.

  12. Ruth,the photo’s you took of my granddaughter,Kailyn Guyett were so beautiful. I have had many complements on how beautiful you protrayed her as a fairy and what a wonderful job you did in general. My family and friends expounded on how beautiful they were.thank you for catching a wonderful moment in time for me and my granddaughter.Dawna Grenell

  13. You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  14. Oh my, such beautiful photos! It's a great experience and very adventurous. It doesn't matter at all about all those falls & slipped. It's so worth it! As I told you, this is something you'll never forget for the rest of your life. Your dumplings look as good, Mary. Have a great weekend.Cheers, Kristy

  15. Hey…How bout that 50% gas tax hike? Just what we need…we being those that can Least afford any tax hike . Another Tax put on the poor by the Wealthy for the wealthy. See how BO is fitting right in the Niche just fantastically, just like the rest of the “Good Ole Boys System”…just as we expected….WE being anyone OTHER than the Dumb Ass Blacks that thought BO was their Messiah….oh yasser masser He be gonna give us erryting fo free…….!!!!!!!

  16. Hey brother! Thanks for sharing your story, and thanks for volunteering to come to earth to help Lady Gaia birth the new era of love and light. Most starseeds seem to have similar stories of being black sheeps in the family, not fitting into the world and not knowing what to do with their energy when the 3D world just doesn’t appeal to us. We are not alone!Much love to you brother and I’m sending you starry vibes!JoXX

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  22. The bigger question is why is Christie still on vacation? If things were bad enough to declare a state of emergency, why hasn’t he returned? Along with his failure to reduce property taxes, his lack of attention, in terms of returning to the state immediately, will be noted during his bid for reelection in 2013.

  23. Funny comments. We also had a crit with a mid-weight team from LOWE about 6 years ago. Our book was 100% scamped up but a few campaigns we had used helvetica to write the line purely so it was legible, not to prove our typography skills. The AD commented that he didn’t like our typography so we explained it was for legibility only, but he continued to make the same comment every time. No comments about the ideas, just the type….NICE ONE

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  25. Pas de jaloux, en France tout le monde est au frais, neige ou pas ! Ici, ça n'arrête pas de tomber… Et tu me donnes une envie irrisistible de soleil et surtout de chaleur quand il s'agit de déguster un plat, vrai symbole de contrées lointaines… Je rêve, je rêve ! J'ajouterais peut-être un peu de sauce soja, faut voir !Bon après-midi et à bientôt

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  27. I’m sure you’re more well-read than you think. It’s just that this light might not be your list. I know it’s not mine and I’ve read a fair few things, but seemingly not the ‘right’ things.@ jem. Could never get into Cloud Atlas. I love the cover though. Ooo what’s Under the Skin….(google check in progress)… ah, will stick that on the list

  28. Excelentes iniciativas, visto que cada vez mais precisamos de soluções alternativas para problemas diários e presentes em todo o mundo.Precisamos incentivar nossos empreendedores com idéias inovadoras como essas, o governo poderia atuar de maneira mais efetiva no incentivo projetos inovadores e por que não até contribuir com menos impostos ou subsídios para estes projetos que visam contribuir com a sociedade.

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  34. I will be surprised is Ms. Smith allows Mr. Wilders to come to London to defend himself. She really uped the ante last week by making public her «enemies list» with I think 6 names not released. Unless the gov’t wants to send her packing, which would certainly be all right with me, this will be an untenible request to now allow Mr. Wilders in the country.Anyway, haven’t you heard of video conferencing?

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  36. I came across your blog today and absolutely love it. I don't usually comment on blogs but I can't help but smile at your whooshing sandals because I have a pair of heels where one clicks and the other one whooshes. One co-worker commented that's how he knows I'm walking down the corrdior. 🙂

  37. I find it fas­ci­nat­ing that while we Amer­i­cans are ignor­ing our basic rights, there are those halfway around the globe that are express­ing their views legally for the first time in half a cen­tury. Say it loud and clear: I am a Sunni, I am an Iraqi and I voted. Today I can walk tall, I can say I am Iraqi with a proud not only because I voted but also I fought against ter­ror­ist with my vot­ing bal­lot. I stepped out the car, the vot­ing cen­ter was on the other side of the street, young Iraqi teenagers were

  38. mesi gran metla prezidan ap antre nan rezon ,mwen espere ke mesie senate yo pa al fe owgey yo pase ,mwen toujou di ke Gousse se yon bon teknisien ,men sou tranzision an te gen ekse ki te fet ,fok nou blie pase pou demen ka miyow ,si mateli echwe se yon lot 5 kan mize ankow ,mwen pa kwe se sa nou bezwen.

  39. Jajaja!That reminds me of a poll Jesse Chacón had on his site (now gone) where he was asking“¿Que opinión le ha merecido hasta el momento la campaña de Jesse Chacón comparada con otras?a) Es el único candidato que realmente tiene una propuesta en el Municipio Sucreb) Es mejor que la de los otros candidatos”I can check out in CNE how many Juan [X] Sforza’s are registered to vote.I imagine it’s the same bloke.

  40. Daniel Gilbert19 February 2012You mention the “situation” without having the courage to say what you really mean. But your implication is clear. Have you nothing to say about the Iranian-backed terrorists who now rule Gaza and are the source of the misery that both Palestinians and Israelis feel daily? A fan for 30 years is no more.

  41. Ill be glad to see them return, but I think the reason behind their initial disappearance where obvious, and they miscalcutated the ammount of disent the decession would cause. Boycott stands until they are back…whilst Im pleased that apparently the power of YOUtube still resides in with the voice of the people, this was a strike against us that we shall not forget…you've been tainted and we'll have to deal with it.

  42. dumnezeu sa te mai 'ntzeleaga!oi fi si tu ceva pedelist aripa cu solzi, c'altfel nu'ntzeleg de ce o 'njuri pe monik)?n'am io traba cu antenescu!doar privesc cu "fascinatzie" (vorba vine privesc, ca nu ma uit la canale! ca daca m'as uita as fi mult mai "nervos"!) cum se naste un adevarat diktator, fatza de care basea o sa para un blindu' ben!(vezi ca potzi sa vorbesti si "frumos"?)

  43. masa aku belajar dulu aku ada kawan tapi dari negeri Johor..pengotor ya ampun..geli geleman mak ko…dan masa aku kerja pulak ada kawan asal Selangor.. sama gak..first n last aku tumpang umah dia..korang bayang sendirilah macam mana…so kesimpulannya semua ni terletak pada pembawaan diri masing2..pengotor ke pembersih ke..tak de kaitan ngn mana2 negeri…Well-loved.

  44. Would the first amendment also help Sue? I mean, I know she doesn’t need it but it seems to me that the villains could claim that Sue humiliated them but Sue could argue that they don’t have a case because nothing that she showed the general public wasn’t… true.Martin

  45. Lesa, you are nominated for mother of the year! You just had a baby and are put together enough to get some super cute pictures!! I’ve been wanting to get family pictures since Lola was born. She is now 5 months! You rock and they look so good too. Kelli Jo looks so mature and helpful!

  46. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH.I knew some of these, having been through the wringer with my Dad’s healthcare recently. But I swear, it makes you want to move to Norway. Or Canada. I really enjoy your posts–and your comments on other blogs. Does Deborah blog anywhere on non-professional topics, or is it only Dr. Serani?

  47. MadaDoamne, Dumnezeule..m-am cutremurat si am plans…te imbratisez, draga necunoscuta si te inteleg 100%. Am trait experiente asemanatoare! O sa imi fac timp si curaj sa iti scriu mai mult! Cat despre comentariul semnat de Carmen, mai sus, presupun ca poti s ail ignori, incredibil cate lipsa de empatie intre femei …si mamici pe deasupra…dar, de fapt, iti trebuie un anumit nivel de inteligenta ca sa poti intelege toate aspectele unei asemenea situatii….iti doresc numai bine….

  48. Hi Simon, der Punkt zu den Kommentaren ist sehr gut! Wir planen, dass Moderator und Redaktion volle Kontrolle haben und auch “ausspielen” – d.h. die “Einordnung” des Kommentars erfolgt (hoffentlich) an der richtigen Stelle. Dieser Aspekt wie viele andere wird aber sicher in der Praxis “am offenen Herzen” zu optimieren sein

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  58. Another brilliant piece. It's so frustrating to see all this, know what's going on, have a good idea of what the future holds and know that there are people either asleep at the switch or apathetic (or even downright letting it all happen and helping it along). I just want to grab the powers-that-be and shake them violently until they wake up and/or wise up. G-d help us.

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